Engaging with Families

Supporting Schools to raise attainment and close the inequity gap

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Identify funding opportunities

Access To Ed FundAwards For All Scotland 2Foundation For Scotland 2First Funding Stop 2Esme Fairburn Foundation 2The Robertson Trust 2RS Macdonald2Peoples Postcode Trust 2Bank Of Scotland Foundation 2

Schools have a huge range of priorities and developments that they need to organise and manage. It is therefore very likely that you will need to seek additional funding in order to resource and pay for the project you wish to undertake, particularly if it involves commitments like getting parents engaged or additional activities outside the school day.

A range of potential funding sources are provided below but also check with your local authority as they will have a wealth of knowledge of both national and local funds which might be relevant.

Always check that your school is eligible to apply for funding before investing time in making an application.

For narrowing the attainment gap and reducing child poverty by improving children’s experiences at school. One of the specified areas is “enhancing a school’s capacity to deliver parental engagement programmes”.

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Aims to produce: Better chances in life; Safer, stronger communities that are able to work together to tackle inequalities; more sustainable services and environments; and healthier people and communities.

(£500 - £10,000)

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Supports projects that develop and improve local  communities, including Initiatives designed to encourage the involvement in the community of those too often excluded such as people on low incomes and those at risk from poverty.

(up to, and including, £20,000)

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Funds research into an idea, supporting pilot activity, feasibility studies, business plans, consultancy fees etc. The ultimate aim must be to make a positive difference to community

(Up to £10,000)

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Focuses on the cultural life of the UK with a focus on 'Education and Learning' and specialist strands that include 'New Approaches to Learning'.

(Up to £100,000)

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Provides access to a comprehensive database of funding opportunities. Users need to complete a registration form in order to use the service.

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Focused on disadvantaged and marginalised people in Scotland. Projects that enable people to be active members of society and improve their quality of life. Children and Minority Groups are of particular interest.

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Runs a Small Grants Programme that exists "to try to make the world a better place through short-term, project specific funding".

(£500 - £20,000)

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Supports a wide range of charitable activities, which take place in, or have a direct impact on Scotland. One of the Trust's priorities is 'Education and Training'.

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Special schools may also wish to consider The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust.

Provides awards that are based in, or operating in, Scotland, which address one or more of the Trust's themes. These include: Neurological Conditions; Visual Impairment / Sight Loss; and Child Welfare.

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