Engaging with Families

Supporting Schools to raise attainment and close the inequity gap

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Breaking Down barriers

Does your school provide opportunities and encouragement for all parents to come into school at different times to increase parental confidence in the school environment and break down barriers?

St Bride's Primary School Parent Council

At St Bride’s Primary School, the Parent Council identified a gap in engaging with parents from minority ethnic backgrounds. The most notable barrier, was language, however there were a number of other factors, including the timing of meetings and childcare arrangements.

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Holywood Primary School, Dumfries

Holywood Primary School recognise the importance of getting parents involved in social and learning activities with their child to improve parental confidence and engagement with the school. So far they have successfully ran a science festival, a hoedown and a family campover.

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Bring Our Adults To School (BOATS) Events

Gorebridge Primary School have developed this whole-school project which invites parents into classrooms to observe and participate in their child's learning; and not just parents, but grandparents, uncles, aunts and younger siblings. Extended family members have been involved in storytelling and sharing, illustrating favourite stories, making Easter bonnets, space rockets, trains, pirate boats and even costumes for the school’s end-of- year production, The Dream Catcher. Working together, parents and pupils have also developed the school garden and grounds, and a number of parents have gone on through their BOATS experience to become classroom helpers after undergoing the disclosure process.

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Leith Academy - Speed Careers Event

Leith Academy held a 'Speed Careers Event' and invited parents and friends of the school to share information and experiences of their careers with selected students. This served both to increase parental engagement in school activities and support positive destination choices for pupils.

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