Engaging with Families

Supporting Schools to raise attainment and close the inequity gap

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Does your school communicate and listen to all parents about their role in their child's education? Here are some examples of innovative approaches schools have used to communicate with parents and carers.

Podcasting the School Newsletter in Urdu

St Albert’s Primary School in Glasgow wanted to encourage and embrace their children’s use of mother tongue in school and get to know and engage with the community they work with better. This has begun with their school newsletter being recorded in Urdu as a podcast on their school website.

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Multi-Directional Communication Approaches

Calderglen Secondary School use a wide range of approaches to communicate with families on how they can support their child's learning, including study skills evenings, parental focus groups, online home study resources and regular updates to parents.

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For resources to help you talk to parents about Curriculum for Excellence have a look at the Education Scotland communication toolkit.